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Yeti SB75 X01 (2014)

Editor's Review

Amazing all-round trail performance


- Switch suspension
- Long and low geometry
- SRAM X01 drivetrain


- Nothing


I jumped at the chance to ride the SB75 at Interbike this year and I'll come straight out and say that I haven't ridden a better trail bike in many years, if in fact ever. This new version features 27.5" wheels (as the name suggests).

The frame utilizes Yeti's Switch suspension technology with its patented eccentric main pivot. I won't get into the boring details, suffice to say that when I picked up the bike the Yeti mechanic suggested leaving the shock open for the whole ride. Skeptically I followed his suggestion and came back blown away by this bike's capabilities. The SB75 is the best climbing 5 inch travel bike I've ever ridden, and that's with the shock open!

I was also impressed by its ability to tackle steep, rough terrain up and downhill, and also the sheer playfulness of it. I love the Yeti design with its low bottom bracket and stretched out wheelbase. Of all the bikes I rode at Interbike Outdoor Demo this is the only one which I clipped the pedals while smashing through the rock gardens, but that isn't a criticism....if that's the payoff for such supreme handling, no problems! The frame's very low weight also helped with the general feel of the ride. Not bad for alloy.

I also wanted to mention the new SRAM X01 drivetrain. This is the more affordable version of their 1x11 setup and I fell immediately in love with it. The 42t cassette looks like an old 7 speed megadrive (it's so big) but it does mean there is a low gear to get up just about anything.

You can probably tell I enjoyed the Yeti SB75. This is honestly a bike for almost every occasion. 5 inches of travel means there are not many trails that will cause it any problems and it just loves the rough stuff. In saying that, this bike climbs like a short travel XC platform, which is probably to do with the eccentric pivot on the suspension.

This is an almost perfect bike. I gave it 4.5 stars but I do wonder if it could get any better?


Yeti has introduced a 27.5" bike that can be used for many different types of riding, from enduro to cross country. It features SRAMs new X01 which is a 1x11 system that allows you to have all the gear range of other set-ups without the hassle of a front derailleur.

Images shown below are of the 2014 "Race" version.

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