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SRAM NX Mountain Group

Editor's Review

Reliable, heavy, low-cost 1x mountain group


- Compatible with most freehubs
- Inexpensive
- Drop-in replacement parts for higher end SRAM groups


- Heavy
- Gear range limited


With the NX group, SRAM finally offers a truly affordable 1 × 11 drivetrain for mountain bikers. The new group’s components carry over most of SRAM’s key technologies from the rest of the proven 1x product range, but offer them up with a much lower price tag.

With its relatively high weight, the NX group is certainly not targeted at high-end race bikes or experienced riders building their own custom bikes with top-shelf components. With an overall weight of more than 2000 grams (4.4 lbs), it is more likely to be purchased for its shifting performance and the ease of a 1x drivetrain.

The 11-42 gear spread lacks the top-end speed of the 10-42 configuration that comes standard across the rest of the SRAM 1 × 11 range, but there’s an excellent trade-off for this. The NX cassette will sync up with any regular 10 speed freehub without the hassle and expense of installing an XD driver body. This is clever engineering and cost management from SRAM – due to its affordability, NX groupsets and components will in all likelihood be bolted onto some low-to-mid-range bikes that don’t cater to the XD system.

Whilst the cassette is only available in the one configuration, the crankset is available with a number of choices ranging from 26 to 40 teeth, ensuring there is one to suit each rider and/or wheel size. There is also the option of three chainline variations: standard size, Boost, and a 66.5mm option that presumably caters to the fatbike market. Using the trusted 94mm bolt circle diameter, the cranks are made of 6000 series aluminum and, as they feature SRAM’s patented X-Sync narrow-wide technology, will work with any SRAM 1 × 11 groupset.

The same is true of the rear derailleur: it carries over all the relevant technologies from SRAM’s more expensive versions, but is made of steel rather than aluminum or carbon fiber. This means it weighs in at a rather sturdy 322 grams, but it’s still a viable and affordable replacement for riders that break the derailleur from a high-end groupset.

In addition to the standard trigger shifters, the NX group also offers the option of Grip Shift – perfect for those riders who’ve broken thumbs in the past or suffer from arthritis, a simple twist of the handgrip (like revving the throttle of a motorcycle) results in a smooth gear shift.

Overall, the NX group is a heavy, durable but very cost-effective way to bring 1 × 11 technology and convenience to the marketplace. This puts it into perspective: SRAM’s top-of-the-range X01 groupset weighs around 500g (1 lb) less than the NX, but costs four times as much. We’ll be seeing plenty of NX components and groupsets in the near future.


The 2016 SRAM NX Mountain Group is an entry-level single-ring off-road group. At a fraction the cost of SRAM's next-lowest-priced group, with only a small weight penalty, NX offers excellent performance at a very good price. The group includes either a trigger or twist shifter, a single-ring crankset, a rear derailleur, a chain, and a cassette.
The cassette is available in a single configuration, geared from 11-42; the crankset is available with a number of choices, spanning from 26 to 40, one sure to work well with an individual's riding style and wheel size. Additionally, the crank is offered with one of three chainlines: standard, boost, and, fat bikers take note, a 66.5mm option. Cranks are also available as small as 155mm, fitting well on 24"-wheeled mountain bikes for younger riders. The NX group has versatility built right in!
Nicely geared, compatible with SRAM's other single-ring groups, and offering solid performance at a low price, NX is promising.
A good, inexpensive mountain group.

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