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Speedplay Frog Titanium


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Brand Speedplay
ModelFrog Titanium
SizeCustom Order Spindle Lenghts 57mm, 60mm, 66mm


Axle6-4 Titanium
Bearing type1 cartridge, 1 needle
Cleats50g Pair
Features•Conceived with the goal of bringing mountain bike pedal performance on par with that of road pedals, the Frog is the most versatile pedal you can buy. •Saves weight because the Frog has a single retention mechanism in the cleat instead of two redundant mechanisms located in the pedal like most off-road systems. •Minimalist design does away with confusing adjustments, because engagement security doesn't depend on spring tension. •G3 Frog cleat is stronger, more durable, easier to mount and compatible with two-hole SPD®-style road shoes. •Quickly and easily sheds mud, because debris is pushed out when the cleat engages with the pedal. •Tough resin composite body is highly resistant to impact damage. •Lightning-fast release puts an end to falls caused by pedals that won't disengage. •Phenomenal light weight: ? Frog Chrome-Moly pedals per pair - 255g ? Frog Stainless pedals per pair - 250g ?Frog Titanium pedals per pair -206g ?G3 Frog cleats per pair - 50g •Knee-friendly, non-centering free float. •Stainless and titanium spindles won't rust. •Precision needle and cartridge bearings. •Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication.
Pedal weightTitanium pedal each - 103g
Recommended forMTB
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