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Scott Genius LT 720 (2014)

Editor's Review

Lots of high tech in this all mountain machine


- Ease of use and ride-ability
- Adjustable suspension and BB
- Brings trail into all-mountain and vice versa


- I found the alloy version a bit heavy


I managed to test ride the new Genius LT 720 for a very brief period but even so I experienced much of what this bike could offer. Scott has crammed this platform with the latest technology available in mountain biking: Handlebar suspension adjustments, 27.5" wheel size, adjustable BB, IDS SL dropout and this is just the alloy version!

The first thing that struck me is that this bike rides unlike most which sport 170mm travel. Undoubtedly a bike of this magnitude is going to be perfect for Scott's TwinLoc suspension adjustment system. The handlebar remote has three settings: Open, traction and locked out. This alters the fork and the new Nude shock simultaneously and has a huge effect on the capabilities of the platform. I discovered trail bike climbing and handling attributes in a frame that is way up in "all mountain" to be honest. I was thinking "how can a bike with such hugely wide handlebars climb so well?!"

Add to this a bottom bracket that can be moved 7mm with a simple procedure and the Genius really becomes one of the easiest to ride big travel bikes around.

I have been really enjoying riding the new 27.5" wheel size. The old Genius LT was 185mm travel, but was reduced because of the rolling qualities of the larger wheel size. I think this has improved the bike immensely and has opened up its qualities to riders who may have looked elsewhere. Don't be mistaken, this Genius can descend well and is fast and stable when pushed hard.

The version I rode is lower down on the spec list than the high tech carbon frame models and as such sports a mid range reliable list of components. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does add quite a bit of extra weight and I found that hampered the real performance hidden in the design. I don't have any figures, but it just felt that way. It is the drawback of bigger travel affordable mountain bikes.

Overall though very impressed. If you can afford the carbon you will not be sorry, if you can't, and weight is an important factor, you might be better off with a bike with slightly less travel and less weight.


The Scott Genius LT 720 is a capable all mountain performer. The light alloy frame and plush Fox suspension components soak up anything the trails can throw at you. SRAM components make up the drivetrain, and parts from Shimano, Syncros, and Kindshock finish off this trail monster.

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