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Look 576 RSP (2012)

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Owing to its new carbon saddle stem RSP R5, the 576 gains in simplicity. It will delight all those looking for an aerodynamic bike, versatile and easy to set. Owing to a saddle stem the section of which takes up the aerodynamic shape of the E-Post tube, the 586 is now equipped with a saddle stem that slides in the frame. The RSP R5 keeps its reversible retraction setting (+ or - 5 mm) and benefits of a carbon composition that makes it comfortable. The saddle clamp is specific and notably allows not splitting the frame. It is composed of a double tightening: the first screw fixes the clamp to the frame and the second the stem to the clamp.
The new LOOK 576 AERO was created for the Triathlete. The seat angle is 78° that allows the Triathlete to obtain their ideal position. A very aerodynamic position can be set up where the rider is as far forward on the saddle and at the same time conserving some energy for the run.

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