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Ax-Lightness ax VIAL evo Ultra eTap (2017)

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The VIAL evo Ultra pushes the limits and manages to burn a new benchmark into the tarmac.
Significantly building on the success of our award-winning VIAL evo D the ULTRA takes everything to the extremes. State-of-the-art simulation and testing procedures combined with the most exclusive fibre material from the aerospace industry allow for an unprecedented combination of weight, stiffness, stability and comfort.
Only this way a frame weight in the 700 gram class can be realized. Including fork the frameset still weighs just 1000 grams - without any sacrifices in safety, stability or riding sensation!
Its road capability and performance have already been demonstrated by multiple podium finishes in illustrious races as well as the overall victory at the Schwalbe Tour-Transalp. Mountainous terrain is where it is at home, its nature and its maxim. It does not only play its strength uphill, its outstanding stiffness as well as superb handling make every descent a racy delight, wind tunnel proven aerodynamics and the award-winning comfort have proved a recipe for a possibly efficient, energy-consuming and lightning-swift performance on the flats - Ultra, the bike for every occasion!

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Name:ax VIAL evo Ultra eTap
Brand: Ax-Lightness
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