Vittoria Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1953
We believe that challenging yourself and achieving the NEXT LEVEL in sports is the most gratifying, great feeling there is. It is our mission to help you improve your cycling performance and achieve the NEXT LEVEL by producing the best and fastest tires in the world. And we have beeing doing it for the past 60 years.

Consolidated leader in tubulars and tyres, after more than 50 years of activity, Vittoria (established in 1953) is combining the best Italian creativity with the tremendous technological potential of the factory Lion Tyres in Thailand to evolve still further as the driving force behind change in the cycling world.

Vittoria gained its reputation the hard way - at the very highest levels of competitive cycling. Champions like Moser, Hinault, Indurain, Ullrich, Pantani, Cipollini, Menchov and Sastre and many others have all raced and won on Vittoria tyres, and have continued to work with us in product development.
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