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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:2015

Vadolibero is an Italian manufacturer of indoor bike storage solutions. More than simple bike racks, the catalogue includes storage, display, and audio players, resulting in useful additions with or without a bike present. The full range is available directly from the company's website, shippable worldwide.

Founded in 2015, this new interior design company's first collection is completely focused on the bicycle. Working in stainless steel and hardwood, designs are tasteful, substantial, and functional, providing homes for bikes and ancillary gear in pieces welcome in practically any home.

The Bike Safe is a simple wall-mounted bike holder. A lock is incorporated, as much a safety feature as security; children or pets will be hard-pressed to dislodge the bike. Accessories are available to cushion precious frames and finishes.

A more substantial item is the Bike Butler, a standalone bike holder with cabinet, available with a myriad of options, from wireless charging for electronic devices to leather padding, stereo speakers to snug spaces for sunglasses and other small cycling kit.

The flagship of the company's line is the Bike Shelf, an immense cabinet designed to show off a bike. Extensive lighting with LEDs, an open space large enough for any bike, storage for everything from riding togs to tools, shoes and helmets to tools and spares, visible or stashed away in one of the commodious drawers.

Vadolibero makes gorgeous gear to store your ride. Check out their functional works of art at Vadolibero's site.

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