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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2001

Transition is a U.S.-based bike manufacturer. The company's line is exclusively bikes intended to get dirty, from full-suspension downhillers to a rigid-framed drop bar model. Transition's catalogue is available from shops and distributors worldwide; pricing varies by country.

Founded in 2001 by a pair of bicycle riders who were tired of their office jobs, Transition is a company that really focuses on cycling for fun. This is clearly visible in their current catalogue, thanks to appearances by the Klunker, a single-speed offspring of a cruiser and a BMX race bike, and the BLT dirt jumper; for vegetarians, there's the PBJ. Growth is steady, both before and after the company abandoned the use of model years, feeling that they were more able to be creative without artificial constraint.

The current range includes a single downhiller, the TR500, a plethora of multi-use bikes, from all-mountain to cross-country, two dirt jumpers, the Rapture, a blend of cyclocross and fixie, and the pure fun Klunker. Chromoly, aluminum, and carbon framesets, appropos by purpose, appear in the line.

Kits are heavy on SRAM, with occasional incursions of Shimano. All builds are thoughtful and well-integrated; expect high performance from your Transition.

Transition makes some ace bikes for the dirt. Stop by your local shop and take one for a test ride. You'll smile!

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