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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1971

Sun Bicycles, a decades-old family business, makes fun, comfortable, often practical bikes. They like to ride bikes, and think you will too. Beginning as makers of cruisers for beach, trail or street, today's line has everything from industrial trikes to unicycles.

Sun's cruiser line is affordable, reliable, and colorful. From orange to lime green, often equipped with a single speed or internally geared hub for low maintenance, with chainguards, fenders, and a spring saddle. There's a cruiser for almost anyone - Sun makes men's, ladies', children's and step-thru bikes.

If there's more than one of you riding, Sun also has you covered. Trailers to bring younger riders along, and comfortable upright tandems are available. Have a different need? Trikes for easier balance or load carrying, an adaptive hand-pedaled cycle, electric assist models, and nearly-indestructible industrial bikes can be had, all modestly-priced.

Sun's recumbent line is extensive, beginning with basic hands-forward two-wheel and trike models and going all the way up to speedy tadpole trikes. A wide range of accessories are available, from fairings to a kit to pair your recumbents for sociable rides.

Sun makes good, inexpensive bikes for almost any ride. Explore today and find one that's right for you.

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