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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1960

Sidi shoes represents the pinnacle of cycling footwear. With over 50 years of experience and a deeply rooted devotion to the sport of cycling, Sidi manufactures the best shoes on the market today. Like many Italian companies, a rich passion for cycling lies at the heart of all operations. Sidi is no different, and the craftsmanship and commitment to quality that Sidi possesses is second to none.

Sidi shoes are known to last a lifetime—a testament to how well they are made. Sidi shoes offer the utmost comfort and conformability that forms a bond between foot and shoe, cyclist and bike. It is said that the most important points on the bike are the areas in which the body comes in contact with the materials. Sidi chooses only the highest quality materials to ensure the interface between foot and pedal are unified for maximum efficiency.

Sidi partners with top-ranked athletes and industry leaders to create new technological advancements and continue the advancement of product innovation. Sidi shoes are reliable, durable, comfortable, and performance oriented. Once on your feet, the only thing to worry about is the road ahead.  

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