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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1977

SE Bikes is as old as BMX racing. Founded in 1977 by Scot Breithaupt, legendary organizer of many firsts in BMX racing, SE Bikes was the first company to sponsor a pro BMX team. Their history page is a photo-history of BMX. The first company to weld a gusset to the top tube for strength, SE is still on the forefront of BMX, making a wide range of bikes and components.

SE produces more than BMX; bike models also include cruisers, mountain bikes, fitness cycles, urban rides, and fixies. Their parts line includes some gorgeous anodized highlights and the beefy, near-indestructible Landing Gear fork. SE's range has bikes for the city, the trail, the dirt and the ramp.

SE's BMX line is extensive, from the top-of-the-line racing PK Ripper (available as a frameset or fully built) to the modestly-priced Wildman, to the retro line of old-school bikes. Want a classic mag-wheeled, over-geared, top-load stemmed, blue-and-yellow bike with 70s style and bomb-proof modern components? SE has one for you.

SE Racing is BMX. Make some history of your own with a bike from SE!

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