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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1980

Scosche Industries is a U.S.-based manufacturer of mobile audio equipment. Their extensive catalogue includes car and truck systems, computer accessories, and portable devices, both novel and practical. The full range is available from retailers around the world or online directly from the company.

Founded in 1980 by Roger and Scotia Alves, the company began its life as a research company, providing services to high-end manufacturers of car audio equipment. The Autosound Encyclopedia was produced during these early years. In 1982, the company produced its first self-branded product, a dash kit for GM autos. More car audio equipment followed, eventually populating a complete collection of car and truck audio equipment. The introduction of the iPod proved pivotal for the company, which began making aftermarket accessories for the hugely popular portable audio player. Today the company makes a wide range of audio and electronic gear for mobile listeners, on foot, in a car, on a bike, and more.

Consumer gear includes cables, adapters, chargers and batteries, cases and armbands, Bluetooth accessories, headphones, and speakers. The extensive catalogue works with smartphones of all types and wired or wireless communications. Headphones are on-ear or in-ear, with a plethora of options, from mics to remote controls. The speakers are available in formats for practically any lifestyle; all wireless and weatherproof, there are floating speakers, cans, bottles, even a bar-mount speaker for cyclists.

Scosche makes a wide range of sound gear for people on the go. Stop by a local retailer and check it out.

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