Ridley Bikes

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  • Nationality:Belgium
  • Year Founded:1990

Ridley may not have generations of frame building experience like many of the storied brands on the market today. But while Ridley may be one of the newer manufacturers having only been founded in 1990, the Belgian company has shot to worldwide recognition with their revolutionary bicycle technology. Not long after starting his company, Jochim Aerts and Ridley bikes soon found themselves in a position as one of the industry leading frame manufacturers in all of Belgium.

Ridley bikes make themselves known wherever they are to be found, whether in a weekend café ride or in a stage at the Tour de France. It’s Jochim’s love of racing that has propelled the technology and engineering of Ridley bikes ahead of the future. Innovations such as aero brakes on a road bike, tucked in behind the fork and frame to reduce wind drag, and other aerodynamic frame advancements, are signature features on Ridley bikes.

Ridley works closely with the professional athletes and teams who ride their bikes. Teams such as Lotto-Belisol whose sprinter extraordinaire, Andre Greipel, pushes his Ridley to the limit everytime he sprints for the line. Speed, durability, stiffness, and lightweight—these are the characteristics of Ridley bikes. Ridley models such as the Noah, the Liz, and the Helium, are inherently fast, but Ridley also makes phenomenally speedy and comfortable cyclocross, track, time trial, triathlon, and mountain bikes. 

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