Redline Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1974

Redline revolutionized the bicycle industry, and more specifically, BMX bikes, in 1974 with the introduction of the redline Chromoly fork. The fork was lighter and stiffer than anything anyone had ever ridden. This milestone in the history of the company firmed up their place as one of the most famous bicycle manufacturers in the world.

After forks came complete frames and Redline as we know it today was off and running. Redline frames are known for their extreme light weight and efficient power transfer. That’s why you’ll see Redline bikes ridden by some of the world’s top athletes in Olympic games and World Championship events.

Other innovations that have helped place Redline at the forefront of cycling technology are their 3-piece crankset and triple clamp fork.  Most every style of riding is represented in Redline’s range of bicycles including BMX, mountain bike, freestyle, commuter, and cyclocross.

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