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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1987

Quintana Roo is a manufacturer of triathlon and time-trial bikes, gear, and clothing.

Started in 1987 by Dan Empfield, QR's first product was a triathlon-specific wetsuit. Within two years the company's first production bike took shape, the Superform, a dramatic departure from the traditional bikes of the time, from steep angles to a front end designed to incorporate the epic Scott aero bar. Firsts were common during the early years, as the company broke new ground, from a one-kilogram frameset, to an aero-bladed fork -- made from aluminum! -- and deep-rim wheels, to fairings, low-mount rear calipers, and more.

Quintana Roo's current catalogue includes three bicycle lines, clothing for triathletes, and an extensive collection of replacement parts, for repairing or upgrading Quintana Roos of the past.

The clothing line is primarily multi-purpose single-piece togs for triathletes, men and women, full-body and short sleeved.  Style is secondary to function; all QR's shorts, tops and wetsuits are race-worthy. A modest collection of swag, from visors to t-shirts, is also offered.

The company has not been resting on its laurels. New designs, with even more extraordinary aerodynamics, greater pedaling efficiency, lighter weight, and higher speeds are released regularly. The latest, the PRsix, shows off more than incremental gains over its predecessor, with improvements in handling, reduced turbulence, and power transfer.

QR's bikes fall into three categories. The PR line is speed above all, triathlon-only bikes pushing the limit of rider and machine. The Shift bikes are extraordinarily efficient, with precise allowances for wheels, spinning cranks and the like. The Fit bikes are for the more reasonable rider, be it a training bike, a beginner, or a recreational rider, with slightly less steep, aggressive geometry, rideable for longer with more pleasure.

All of Quintana Roo's bikes are well-built, fast, and good looking. Stop by your local shop and check one out today - maybe you can break that personal record after all.

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