Profile Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1988
Athlete Tested. World Champion Approved. 
Profile Design is a leader in triathlon and road bike components and wetsuits. 

How do we stay on top? Experience, passion and commitment to our athletes set us apart and keep them winning. 

We introduced ourselves in 1988 with our first Aerobar. Today, athletes around the world clutch our Aerobars, wear our brand and depend upon our components to do more with a slice of time than they ever imagined possible.
You’ll find our products at every level of competition. With our innovative carbon fiber Aerobars and our full line of components for both triathlon and road bikes—we keep pushing technical advantages. Our new line of triathlon-specific clothing enhances performance on land and water. From wetsuits and triathlon race suits to
running apparel, tri shorts and tops—you’ll find what you need to slice through the water and fly down the road. 
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