Pinarello Bikes

2012 05 16 1401
  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1952

The name Pinarello conjures up feelings and emotions that are more common with a high-end Italian sports car than a two wheeled bicycle. Pinarello bikes, however, can be said to be on par with the priciest four wheeled speed machines, and have the performance benefits and race legacy to match. Pinarello, an Italian company founded in 1954, has made race worthy bicycles for the best athletes in the world since its inception.  If you are to do one thing and do it well, Pinarello has done just this: make the fastest bikes ever.

Giovanni Pinarello, the man whose name adorns the bikes which have one world titles and grand tours, started from humble beginnings but has since paved a path for greatness. He started making steel frame bicycles while fostering a career in competitive racing during the hard years following both World Wars. It is as such that the heritage of Pinarello bicycles is rich with racing technology and innovation that overcomes adversity and brings forth fresh new ideas. Constantly striving to be better, faster, and squeezing every last drop of performance from a bike, Pinarello prestige is clearly visible in the palmares of the riders who race their bikes. 

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