Norco Bikes

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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:1964

Norco bicycles, a Canadian company, has been in production for fifty years. Fueled by the passion of the employees that create Norco’s wonderful bikes, the company continues to produce some of the most progressive bicycles in the industry.

Norco’s desire to manufacture some of the best bikes the world may only be matched by their desire to see every person in the world pedaling a bike instead of pressing a gas pedal. Believe it or not, the company began in little more than a chicken coop in British Columbia.

The Norco brand has come a far distance since their modest beginnings, and can now claim to not only be following industry trends, but shaping them as well. Norco offers a wide array of bicycles for different styles of riding, form BMX, mountain, road, youth, and city. 

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