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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:2012

Nobl Wheels is a Canadian manufacturer of mountain bike rims and wheelsets. The current catalogue is available at select shops in Canada and the U.S., or from the company's online store.

Founded in 2012, Nobl's mission was, and is to make a rideable, high performance, reliable carbon wheel. Making their own rim, entering production in 2014, Nobl has hand-built its offered wheelsets, with top-notch hubs and spokes included. Today the company offers wheels in multiple diameters and widths as well as custom builds.

The Nobl rim is all carbon, asymmetric for even tension, tubeless capable, and, with one exception, available in two weights, a standard and a heavy-duty version for real bruisers. Attention to detail is excellent; spoke drilling oriented cleanly, a smooth bead seat bump providing a reliable seat for tubeless tires, and reliably even layup for the reinforcement of the HD rims.

The HD rims are exceptionally tough. Nobl recommends 32-spoke builds, as 36 hole rims can actually be too stiff. Aside from the rim reinforcement, builds with the HD use stronger spokes, offering a bombproof build for a modest weight penalty.

Wheel builds include hubs from Hope or Industry 9, DT Swiss or Sapim spokes on the lighter builds and Competition spokes with brass nipples on the heavy duty enduro or downhill-specific builds, and, in the near future, Nobl's own hub design, manufactured by Minnesota-based Onyx.

Nobl makes fast-rolling, immaculate carbon rims. Check them out at your local shop or online and see if Nobl can deliver for your ride.

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