Moots Bikes

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1981

When you’re a one category company, you’re in a unique position. Moots owns that place in the industry as a manufacturer that solely produces Titanium frame bicycles. Not just any titanium framed bicycles, but some of the best, most sought after titanium frames in the world. That’s because Moots only uses the highest grade Titanium and hand crafts each frame at their Steamboat Springs headquarters in Colorado, USA.

Moots bicycles can be custom built to order, or chosen from a line of eye-catching complete bikes. Each bike has not only been lovingly built by hand, but also meticulously checked by hand for quality control. There may not be a single Titanium frame builder than can match the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from riding a handmade Moots bicycle.

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