Merida Bikes

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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:1972

Merida bicycles are proudly produced in Taiwan having begun production of their first bikes in 1973. Before the first bikes were built, Founder Ike Tseng had taken a trip to the United States and found that a select bike shop refused to service Taiwanese bicycles due to their “poor quality”. Tseng set out to prove the bicycle industry wrong and continues to proudly produce Merida bicycles in two Taiwan locations. As a result, Merida bicycles are some of the most quality bicycles on the market, rivaling bikes that are produced in many other countries.

The latest materials, manufacturing practices, and quality control are at the center of what makes Merida bikes one-of-a-kind machines. While manufactured in Taiwan, Merida employs German R&D to further progress the brand’s innovations. Surely today, any bicycle mechanic no matter where there are, would be more than pleased to turn a wrench on a Merida bicycle.  

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