Mavic Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:France
  • Year Founded:1889

A truly iconic name that has stood the test of time, Mavic is a brand that has based its success on making the highest quality products for cycling enthusiasts and racers alike. Mavic stands out amongst the competitors not only for their trademark yellow and black color scheme, but for their progressive designs that embody the true passion of cycling.

As a French company with humble beginnings, Mavic is now synonymous with everything that is French cycling. Mavic products are designed to allow you to push yourself to new limits, climb to new heights, and surmount life’s climbs with more speed and confidence than ever before.

Mavic believes that every piece of riding equipment should be engineered to cooperate in harmonious unison. They take this precept and apply it to their entire line of competition level parts and accessories. From wheels, to shoes, clothing, tyres, pedals and more, Mavic aims to equip the cycling enthusiast with the best products from head to toe, bottom bracket to top tube, and everything in between. 

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