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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:1983
It has and always will be our mission to conceptualize, design, and engineer technological products that will provide racers a competitive edge and recreational cyclists an improved experience. Originating from my professional racing expertise, tested on the most grueling roads known to man, and proven repeatedly on Ironman World Record Breaking rides, this year, we introduce the most technologically advanced collection ever and continue to evolve what we refer to as the cycling solution.We have focused and researched every contact that is made between a rider and the bike and the shared knowledge of each of these product categories has made us smarter than our competitors as we understand the complete needs of riders, of racers, of real people. We have always been pioneers. This word defines us. Not only because we were the first to clain integral technologies in cycling history, but with this word comes the connotation that we did so without market establishment and power that some of our competitors hold. This will change. So let me make it clear, we were the FIRST: THE FIRST in the world to offer a ventilated cycling shoe. THE FIRST in the world to offer a ventilated palm in cycling gloves. THE FIRST in the world to offer a ventilated and molded chamois. THE FIRST in the world to offered an approved TT helmet. These day, I am riding harder than ever. The technology behind the products and the proprietary patents we develop were not only discovered in a lab or by consulting doctors and specialists, but also, validated by myself, my staff, and athletes. Our innovations exist because we create products that function, perform, and are proven on the bike. We ride, we ride, we ride again, until we are certain a product will provide our customers a competitive advantage, and I have never removed myself from that group of test riders. For I know, the power of innovation will always be the foundation of this company. Louis Garneau, Founder, President, and Cyclist
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