Koga Bikes

  • Nationality:Netherlands
  • Year Founded:1974

Founded in 1974, Koga is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer known for its wide range of bicycles that include touring, trekking, electric, mountain and road bikes. Every Koga bicycle is hand-built in the Netherlands and bears a logo on each frame proudly denoting this fact. Koga bases their technology philosophy on a ‘less is more’ outlook and firmly believe that the accessories and designs they create must compliment the bike frame in a way that is simple, subtle, and functional. Koga strives to provide the very best bicycles for the avid enthusiast who demands the best quality and performance from their bikes. Never one to compromise any aspect of the bicycle, Koga manufacturers accessories and components to adorn their frames when no others are up to their high standards. Koga stands by the quality of their bicycles and submits them to rigorous testing to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and above all else, enjoyable to ride.  

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