KMC Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1977
Our Mission:

Establish KMC Chain as the premier brand of the finest bicycle chain in the world.

The ongoing pursuit of professionalism makes KMC Chain the most distinguished leader in the chain industry! KMC Chain is the celebrated pioneer to unveil the extraordinary X-SuperLight chain in the ever-growing bicycle industry. As champion innovators of bicycle chains, KMC Chain also excels in superior technology for motorcycle, automobile, and industrial chains. 

KMC Chain has consistently devoted itself to the production of premium bicycle chains for over three decades. In 1986, KMC Chain signed a technical cooperation memorandum with the Japanese chain supplier Shimano Inc., establishing a solid partnership, which still stands today. 

Automatic and state-of-the-art technical production chain manufacturing provides customers with the fastest and the most reliable services. All our manufacturing plants have passed ISO9002 and ISO9001 standards of quality regulations. Since 2003, all of the KMC plants adopted the Toyota Production System (TPS), which represents superior standards and regulations for enhanced quality control. It is our creed “to provide the optimal service at the most appropriate time” to successfully meet each and every demand from our customers.
KMC Chain has established a total of 11 plants and 16 sales companies in the world, located in Taiwan, China, Holland, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam and has also global sales reaching over 130 countries.
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