Kestrel Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1987
Kestrel is an American bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Santa Cruz, California specializing in high-end bikes for triathlon, road bicycle racing and mountain biking. In 2007 Kestrel was acquired by Advanced Sports, which is also the parent company of brands Fuji and SE.[1] Kestrel pioneered carbon fiber frame design with the world's very first all-carbon bicycle frame in 1986,[2] based again on the first-ever Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of bicycle frame structure conducted in 1986.[citation needed] Kestrel set new standards again in 1989, with the launch of the first carbon fork and the debut of the KM40 Airfoil, the first true aero triathlon frame. Carbon framesets by better-known, mainstream manufacturers such as Giant and, most notably, Trek (with its OCLV frames), have been directly influenced by Kestrel design principles. Kestrel builds monocoque frames rather than more traditional tube and lug designs. This has always meant that Kestrels have tended to have a very fluid, curved appearance. However, more recent designs from the company have been more angular due to an increased desire to minimise wind resistance.
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