Jamis Bikes

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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1937

As a company Jamis Bicycles’ roots trace back to the early 1930’s.

CEO and President Carine Joannou has been successfully leading and directing G. Joannou Cycle, our parent company, since taking over from her father in 1981. What began as a modest regional distributor of imported European bicycles and parts in 1937 has grown into a national powerhouse with international distributors throughout the world. GJC is now one of the oldest, largest bicycle companies under original family ownership in America.

Greg Webber, Vice President of Product Development has been with Jamis since the first Earth Cruiser rolled out in 1979 and eagerly joined Carine's winning team when GJC acquired Jamis in 1990. The whole Jamis team aims for nothing short of perfection all day, every day.

Jamis uses the latest carbon fiber and aluminium materials to produce some of the most technically advanced and durable bikes on the market, including road, urban, women's, kids, cross-country, downhill, all mountain and more.

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