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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1991
Made in America with pride since our inception in 1991. Our state of the art factory located in Temecula, California provides an environment optimised for consistent unmatched quality. Whether you ride cross country, ride up and down the mountain, or race world cup downhills, INTENSE Cycles has the bike for you. Our M-series (M1, M3, M6, M9 FRO) has been ridden by more professional athletes than any other bike in the history of downhill mountain bike racing. With our racing lineage and tribal knowledge of mountain biking, we have every type of terrain covered in our entire line. From the TracerVP for all mountain riding, Tracer29 for the 29" enduro aficionados, Uzzi for the all mountain rider, Slopestyle2 for the perfect mini-DH trail riders, spider2 for the cross country racer and the TazerVP/Tazer hardtail bike for the dirt jumping, 4-cross racing crowd. We offer it all at competitive prices, while being handmade with American pride.
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