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  • Nationality:UK
  • Year Founded:2011

Hiplok is a UK-based manufacturer of bicycle locks. The catalogue emphasizes ease of carrying, with locks that clip on a pack strap or belt, wearable locks that fit around the waist, and other encouragements not to leave your lock behind. The entire range of products is available online from the company's website or from local shops in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Founded in 2011 by two industrial designers, the idea behind the company arose when one of the founders, inconvenienced by his lock, left it behind and, of course, had his bike stolen immediately. Inspired to make a bike lock that would not be left at home, they created the company's first lock, a wearable chain. Popularity ensued; the company now has an extensive and varied range, still including the first model, now known as the Original, and sales markets around the globe.

The locks offered vary considerably in style and use. The wearable locks include the Original, now available in a number of colors, the Gold and Lite versions for greater security or lighter weight; compact retractable cable locks; traditional D-locks, with incorporated mounting clips; a heavy-duty multi-bike lock; and lightweight and very portable locks for short stops. The company also offers replacement sleeves, a bikestand, a key clip, a lock holder, and a coded keying system allowing lost keys to be replaced.

A company with a singular focus and elegant, effective designs, Hiplok has earned its presence in the bike lock market. Stop by your local shop and find the right lock for your needs.

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