Haro Bikes

Harologo 1
  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1978
In 1976 a SoCal kid with an eye for style and a steady hand with an X-acto knife supported his BMX addiction by making custom number plates for the sport's top racers. The Haro number plate was an instant hit, and went on to become an icon of the sport. Demand for Haro plates was phenomenal, and soon a business was born. When he wasn't designing products for his fast-growing company, Bob killed time by learning tricks on his BMX bike. Freestyle didn't have a name yet, but it had a founding father. After perfecting his repertoire, Bob took his trick show on the road and a whole new sport was born. By the early 1980's BMX freestyle was in high gear. To satisfy demand among riders for a bike that could handle the abuse from flatland and ramps, Bob Haro introduced the Original Haro Freestyler. It was another instant Haro hit, and the company named after the man who literally developed a sport found itself on the cutting edge of BMX design and technology. As time progressed, so did the sport. In the mid nineties ESPN recognized the fun and excitement of BMX and introduced the sport to the mainstream. In its 15-year history, more Haro riders have won X Games medals than on any other brand. In 2008 Haro Bikes celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Funny how time flies when you're having fun.
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