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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:2011

Gusto is a Taiwan-based bike manufacturer. Working exclusively in carbon fiber, the company's current catalogue includes an extensive array of road bikes, from aerodynamic time trialers to all-round race bikes, and a handful of hardtail mountain bikes. Readily available in Asia, the company will deliver any of its products to distributors or shops world wide.

Founded in 2011 by Wei Hung Fan, Gusto's mission is to provide affordable high-performance racing bikes, and they've delivered. Starting with the Launcher, the company has steadily built up its stable, today including women's-specific models, an array of all-round road bikes kitted out with high-performance kit from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo, and cross-country off-road racers.

Road bikes are the company's stock in trade. Kit spans from Shimano's most inexpensive named groups all the way up to Campy's finest electronic-shift group; the frames are all carbon, utilizing Gusto's sister company Inhon Technology for the manufacture of custom-designed tubing. While some models are certainly flexible enough to be good for recreational roadies and endurance riders, each one is designed to race, with aggressive geometry, high efficiency, and responsiveness.

The mountain bikes are a versatile lot. Laid out to provide a comfortable rider cockpit, they're equipped to tackle practically anything, with stalwart gear - the lowest group offered is Shimano's Deore - and bombproof wheels, go-anywhere treads, and light, responsive carbon frames. Models are designed to fit riders of practically any size; one is laid out specifically for riders of a more modest height, providing the same high level of riding comfort and control in a smaller package.

Pricing remains exceptionally low for such high-quality bikes, starting at well below $1000 US for an all-carbon racer equipped entirely with name-brand componentry. The appearance of some lesser-known gear on the higher-end models stems from the direct supply of componentry from other Taiwanese manufacturers, delivering the equal of branded parts without the commensurate cost.

Gusto makes quality racing bikes at a very reasonable price. If the opportunity comes along, take one out for a spin. You may be impressed.

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