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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:2003

Giyo is a Taiwan-based manfacturer of bicycle pumps. The extensive catalogue is available through wholesalers worldwide and may be found in bike shops everywhere.

The sheer range of pumps available is astonishing: in floor pump models alone there are dozens of varieties, with choices of digital or mechanical pressure readout, construction, barrel volume, head, and specialization; the company makes high-volume fat-bike pumps to high-pressure pumps best suited for the track.

Portable pumps include models that unfold to operate similarly to floor pumps, tiny kit pumps, multi-purpose pumps which can pull from a CO2 cartridge, telescoping pumps, one- and two-way inflation, and more. As is common with Giyo's other lines, essentially all pumps are in low-key polished or black finishes.

Add-ons and accessories are also offered: replacement 'clever' valves, heads for different valve types, longer hoses, tire irons and standalone gauges.

Giyo makes high quality pumps that won't break the bank and will fit your bike, saddlebag or workshop. Check them out for your inflation needs.

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