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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1985

Five.Ten is a U.S.-based manufacturer of rugged footwear. Currently available from shops throughout the US and Canada, and directly from their shop online and shippable worldwide.

Cycling choices are many, with a concentration on off-roading; the company has firm feelings about versatility, clearly visible in the available lines. Today the company offers several all-mountain shoes, gravity shoes, and shoes for all-round dirt riding, be it jumps, BMX, or casual XCing. Clipless, platform, high- or low-top, there are options from 5.10.

Non-cycling shoes run the gamut. Having begun with a climber's shoe, the discipline is still strongly represented; a close second is the general outdoor line, excellent hikers, wet-grip shoes, mountain runners, and more.

Swag, from tees to socks, kneepads to a briefcase carrier, also available from the online shop. Much of it is colorful, some practical, all good-looking.

Five.Ten makes excellent footwear. Check out their comfortable, durable line at a shop near you.

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