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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2010

Fist Handwear is an Australian manufacturer of gloves for motocross, offroad cycling, and BMX. Its entire product line can be found at local bike shops across Australia or directly from the company via its online website.

Founded in 2010, Fist has never pulled any punches: the company revels in outrageous designs, and has steadily increased the number they have available. Today the company has 19 designs available, running the gamut from a Mad Max homage to a piña colada.

The catalogue includes gloves for a wide variety of riding, from extremely tough strapped gloves with extensive padding for MX racers and freestylers, to spare, lightweight gloves providing a modicum of protection and substantial airflow for enduro mountain bikers and cross country riders. The entire range sports Clarino synthetic leather for the palms, providing excellent grip and durability.

Styles include bright and cheerful designs, signature gloves, metal and monsters, and more. Anything from unicorns and rainbows to skulls and snakes can be had, all covering substantial, careful work that won't chafe and will keep hands from numbness and abrasions.

Fist makes good gloves and has a style that can't be beat. Check out the company's catalogue online and see what they might have for you.

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