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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1991

Jim Felt started the company that bears his name back in the late 1980’s. Felt bikes have maintained their revolutionary posture in the bike industry ever since, and remain one of the leaders in progressive bike frame technology. The founders of the Felt brand have a combined experience in the bike industry that is unmatched by any other company—more than 70 years of experience to be exact. The company that got its start in the world of triathlon has not forgotten its roots. Although Felt has expanded to make some of the fastest and most innovative road, mountain, and track bikes, the Triathlon bicycles from felt are still racking up impressive victories to this day.

No Felt bike compromises performance, comfort, or efficiency, from their road line to their mountain line, and everything in between. The quality of Felt bicycles may only be matched by the company’s desire to provide the best customer service possible. As company making bicycles for cyclists, by cyclists, this is a trait that will hold true as long as the Felt name is emblazoned on the downtube of every Felt bicycle. World championships, world records, and monumental wins seem to fall under riders atop Felt bicycles. There is little match for the quality and innovation that Felt brings to the table; innovations such as InsideOut Internally Optimized Molding, Dynamic Monocoque Construction, the FAST suspension, and the Bayonet 3 Steering System. For unbridled speed and efficiency that is just plain fun to ride, Felt bicycles has it in spades. 

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