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  • Nationality:U.K.
  • Year Founded:2014

Fabric is a U.K.-based manufacturer of bike parts, tools, and accessories. The catalogue is available from local bike shops in the U.K., Europe, Asia, the U.S.A. and Canada, and via distributors around the world.

Spun off from Charge Bikes in 2014, Fabric got off to a running start with the venerable Scoop saddle, joined by a number of innovative new saddle designs. The company and its offerings have steadily expanded - today Fabric makes grips, tape, tools, water bottles, lights and pumps in addition to extended saddle line.

The saddles are remarkable for their use of the latest technologies, from within and without the cycle industry. One saddle is 3-D printed from carbon fiber, the result both lightweight and sturdy. Another incorporates the same cells running shoes have into a cushy surface. A triathlete-specific saddle includes a pressure relief gap that channels post-swim water runoff.

Tape and grips use the same high-grip, cushioning rubber; higher up the line silicone is introduced, and finally, old-school leather tape. Pumps and tools for on-bike kit and home workshop are all highly polished and very sturdy; Fabric makes only multi-tools, with the notable exception of the chainbreaker, a gorgeous little piece with a sliding T-handle.

A select few models of light are available. Two visibility lights clothe any city ride; the higher-power lamps provide seeing in tasteful little packages. Clamps are nylon with stretchy silicone bands securing round practically any tube, bar, or post. Every light is USB rechargeable. Bottles are cageless; Fabric's novel design replaces the cage with two bolts on the frame, with integrated connectors designed in to the bottle. Lighter than most bottle/cage combinations, no less.

Fabric makes good gear for cyclists, and some very fine saddles. If you're looking for a little more comfort or a little less mass, stop by your local shop and check out Fabric.

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