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  • Nationality:UK
  • Year Founded:2006

Early Rider is a UK-based manufacturer of kids' bikes. The current range spans from a pre-balance mobile to a 20"-wheeled mountain bike, complete with front suspension and Maxxis knobbies. The company's products are distributed around the world, available from dealers on five continents, with a browseable showcase online.

Founded in 2006, the company was begun by Andy Loveland, a father who found the available options for beginning riders wanting. The Classic was the first Early Rider model, still offered today, alongside a wide range of bikes for the new rider.

The newest explorers are welcomed by the Spherovelo, a novel two-wheel machine clad in spheres of plastic, with adjustable stability allowing the gradual introduction of basic bike handling elements, from steering to balance. Brightly colored and visually appealing, the Spherovelo will seize attention.

Balance bikes are Early Rider's main attraction. Even smaller than the Classic is the Lite, its wood frame tiny, keeping feet on the ground. The Classic, Bonsai, and Alley Runner are next largest, variety in frame style overlaying similarities in kit and safety features. More experienced pushers will enjoy the Road Runner, equipped with drop bars, or the Trail Runner and its knobby treads; the XL edition of the latter is almost a fat bike.

Pedalling youngsters have the Belter. Available in wheel sizes from 16" to 20", with or without gears or suspension, each Belter is equipped exclusively with hand brakes, conveying good new habits. A highlight of the build is the Gates-style belt drive used on every model, providing safety and requiring practically no maintenance.

Early Rider makes excellent transportation for learning cyclists. Stop by your local shop and find a great first bike for your young one.

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