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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:2011

Dissent Labs is a Canadian manufacturer of athletic clothing, primarily socks and base layers. The catalogue is available directly from the company's online site, from retailers of sporting goods, and at local bike shops. Distribution spans North America, Europe, and Australia.

Founded in 2011, the company began with a focus on athletic endurance socks, taking full advantage of advances in technology to incorporate materials for improved performance. Dissent has expanded its offerings over the intervening years, increasing its range to include special-purpose socks for freeriders, skiiers, hikers and the like, and adding underlayers and headgear. Today's collection is comprehensive, with socks designed for athletes of all types.

These socks are not, by any means, pretty. They are a triumph of function over form; long-wearing, comfortable, cooling, and well fitted, the visual patterns indicate how the sock behaves in a given zone, aiding a proper alignment. Sizes are many, fit focuses on foot size first, padding is judiciously and wisely incorporated. Teflon yarn keeps friction to a minimum, and multiple treatments keep socks odor-free. Styles for long-distance hikers, skiiers, MTBers from XC to slope-siding are available.

Dissent makes a very good sock, which has become popular with pros and amateurs alike. Stop by your local shop and see if there's an addition to your riding outfit.

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