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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2012

Derby Rims is a U.S.-based manufacturer of carbon rims. The current catalogue includes mountain and cyclocross rims, available from dealers throughout the world or from the company's online shop. The company has a list of Derby wheel-builders on their website.

Founded in 2012, Derby's first project was to design a carbon rim with the stability of aluminum, resulting in a 40mm wide 650B carbon rim, lighter and more responsive than the aluminum, and tougher and more stable than the slender carbon of its ancestors. A 29er soon followed, first production runs sold out immediately, and the company was off and running. Today the range includes multiple widths of 26", 650B, and 29er rim and a cyclocross 700 x 23, available in multiple drillings.

The Derby rim is wide. It provides a very solid platform for the tire, low rolling weight, and a sassy look. Thick, 3-mm sides, a low seat for the tire, and a secure fit for tubeless riders. The mountain rims are offered in widths from a race-ready 35 to a technical rider's 50mm, all tough enough for the most arduous conditions.

A limited-edition wheelset, built with Industry 9 hubs, the 40mm 650B rim, and Sapim spokes, is also available. The company recommends wheels be built by your local wheelsmith.

Derby makes a very stable carbon rim. Check them out at your local shop and see if they're approriate for your ride.

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