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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1992
At the age of 4, Shane Cooper arrived in the United States from England. His father distributed knitting machines, and in the late 1960's there was plenty of knitting happening in the Eastern part of this country. Shane grew up around knitting machines, but took more of an interest in bicycles and musical instruments. By the early 1990's, Shane decided that it was time to produce something truly World Class. It was not his racing, and it was not the music his band was making. It was an entirely new way to knit a sock. He called the first model the Aireator®. The world had never seen a sock like it. It was the first open mesh weave airflow design sock, totally customisable. DeFeet was born. The year was 1992. When you use one of our of our products or our entire line, you will notice a certain consistency that is our hallmark. That means you will find that our products are simple, yet remarkably useful. Comfortable, yet unbelievably durable. Lightweight and low profile, yet containing performance properties well beyond what they seemingly should. We strive to create pieces that make you think, after years of hard use and hopefully some of the greatest days of your life, "I can't believe how well these things have worked for me." As we all know, there is less knitting happening in the United States than there was when Shane's father emigrated. In fact, there is a whole lot less manufacturing going on, period. DeFeet doesn't want to join in, throw in the towel and quit manufacturing. To us, that would be like paying someone else to play our music for us. We ARE the band. We LIKE to make our own stuff. Harvard MBA's tell us we're dumb for making our stuff here. We call them out. We'll go for a ride with those guys any day and attack them until they're dropped. They can find their own way home (mind to steer wide of the banjo's, though). What we are most appreciative of is our customers. Retailers and consumers that care as much as we do. We celebrate those that recognise companies like us who go the extra several thousand miles or so to actually stay here at home and build things. To learn and hone skillsets, put them to good use, and encourage more to do the same. We salute you folks. You are the ones who are thinking and acting at a higher, more responsible level. You are the ones who give us faith that good things lay ahead for all of us.
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