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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1954

When the name Colnago comes to mind, the words heritage, history, and achievement accompany it. Founded in 1954 by Ernesto Colnago, this great Italian company has seen a number of arguably the best riders in the world race Colnago bikes to victory.

Form humble beginnings in a small Italian, workshop, Colnago began producing beautifully welded, hand crafted steel frame bicycles with the touch of an artisan. By the 1970’s, Colnago bikes were being ridden to victory in the spring classics and stage races alike. Few can speak of racing in the 1990’s without mentioning the dominant force that was the Mapei cycling team, sponsored by Colnago.

From hand crafted steel, aluminum and high performance carbon fiber, Colnago bicycles have built upon years of design and manufacturing innovation to elevate the brand to a near mythical level. One of the all time greatest cyclists, Eddy Merckx, rode Colnago bikes into the history books with multiple Grand Tour wins. Once known for crafting some of the finest steel framed bicycles, Colnago is now an acclaimed manufacturer of innovative carbon fiber frames that feature the best componentry available.

As trends shift and technology grows, Colnago is ahead of the curve with the C59 Disc road bike. Combining the safety of disc brakes with Colnago’s signature high performance race geometry, there is no question that Colnago will shape the future of bicycles for years to come. 

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