Cinelli Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1948

Cinelli are a proud company who produce a wide range of bikes to suit just about anyone’s style of riding, taste and budget.

Cinelli was founded by its namesake Cino Cinelli in 1948, a professional racer with 15 years experience. His innovative ideas gave us the modern handlebar, the first saddle with a plastic frame, the first foot clips and the first quick release pedals. 30 years later, in 1978, Cino handed the company over to a young entrepreneur in the steel tube industry with the bicycle at heart: Antonio Colombo.

Cinelli produce everything from road bikes to cyclocross, urban and track, plus a range of competition level parts and accessories. They also like branch out from the usual carbon fiber to also include aluminium and steel within their range.

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