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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:2003

Chromag is a Canadian manufacturer of bikes and parts, focused on hardtail off-road machines and gear for the same. Chromag's line is available from shops in Canada and the U.S., and from distributors arund the world.

Founded in 2003 by Ian Ritz, the company's original intent was to build a high-performance hardtail in an era when dual-suspension was taking over the market. As a shop owner, Chromag's founder had ready access to a lot of feedback, all contributing to a well-honed design. Today the company produces many types of off-road bike and manufactures a range of sturdy static parts.

The bikes range from 26" to 29er, trail to dirt jump to fat. Framesets are, to a one, chromoly hardtails, offered as framesets or complete builds. Complete builds include Chromag cockpits, of course, with similarly top-notch componentry elsewhere.

Componentry is ether alloy or carbon, excepting the saddle rails, which are offered in either steel or titanium. Stems are offered in varying lengths, as direct mounts, all with four-bolt clamps for a rock-solid feel. Bars are purpose-designed and contructed, for enduro, gravity, XC or dirt jump. All pedal models include adjustable pins for the perfect feel. The rest of the parts collection is similar in quality and purpose.

Chromag makes high-performance hardtails and parts to accompany them. Check out the collection at a shop near you, or peruse the colorful catalogue online.

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