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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:1996

In terms of aerodynamics and speed, not many bicycles can claim to have made the same advancements as one company. Cervélo Cycles was established in 1995 by Engineers, Paul white and Gérard Vroomen and has since established itself as one of the premier racing bike manufacturers in the world. The two founders began creating human powered machines in their garage and their desire to go faster quickly outgrew their makeshift laboratory.

The insatiable thirst for speed has driven Cervélo to adopt some of the same techniques and equipment as Formula 1 race squads. The speed and aerodynamic qualities of Cervélo bicycles can only be matched by their strength and stiffness. Cervélo has laid claim to many industry firsts including BBright™ technology, and 1 3/8" tapered steer tubes. With form that follows function, Cervélo has produced some of the world’s most attractively svelte bicycles including the Project California line of road bikes whose safety and speed tests register results well beyond industry standards.

As a name synonymous with speed, Cervélo utilizes professional athletes and teams at the highest levels of their respective sports to test and provide feedback that perpetually improves designs. For triathlon, road, and time trial bicycles, Cervélo is the standard to which all else is measured. 

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