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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2011

Brooklyn Bicycle Company is a U.S.-based manufacturer of city bikes, for all sorts of cities. Casual and recreational riders, commuters and errand runners are all provided for at Brooklyn. The company also makes a selection of accessories, including racks, saddles and grips. The whole catalogue is available from dealers throughout the U.S. or directly from the company via its online store.

The company was founded in 2011, in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission: to build high-quality upright bikes that will last. To this end, all Brooklyn bikes are built with 100% chromoly frames, aluminum or stainless steel parts, and weather-treated leather saddles and grips. Brooklyn is steadily expanding its market; today, it proudly has its first dealer outside the U.S., in Paris, France.

The bikes are loosely divided into three categories: fast city bikes, casual recreational bikes, and practical town bikes. The first contains fixies and multi-gear bikes with flat riding positions and few or no accessories. The casual bikes have relaxed, upright seating and fenders, most with internal gearing. The errand runners have racks, sturdy frames, and multiple gears. Traditional and step-through models are available for all.

The basic style of Brooklyn is a pleasant one. Colors are low-key, ranging from basic black to cheerful reds and blues. Top tubes are doubled for strength, rather than a move to large diameters, meaning the frames are possessed of a certain slimness. Fenders and chainguards are color-matched to the frames.

Brooklyn Bicycle Company makes comfortable, practical bikes that are built to last. Stop by your local shop or the company's website and take a look.

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