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  • Nationality:Switzerland
  • Year Founded:1986

BMC, the Bicycle Manufacturing Company, epitomizes the meticulous precision characteristic of Swiss engineering. BMC creates high performance bicycles for mountain, road, commuting, and time trial, and their insatiable pursuit of perfection shines through in every weld, every layer of carbon fiber, and every hand-picked component on each BMC bicycle. While admittedly not one of the giants of the industry, BMC punches well above their weight.

As a leader on the forefront of high-end bicycle manufacturing, BMC has established itself as the preeminent source for fine tuned race machines. Through perpetual innovation, BMC has shaped the way we look at bicycles starting with the teammachine SLT01 raced under the Phonak Cycling Team, to the timemachine TT01 and promachine SLC01, all purebred speed machines utilizing the latest materials and technologies. Where the road ends, BMC continues to push the envelope with the Fourstroke and Trailfox TF01 line of mountain bikes.

It’s no wonder that BMC has placed countless champions atop the podiums of the world’s most demanding competitions. Like the people who ride BMC bikes, the company is perpetually pushing itself forward, designing and engineering the most advanced bicycles on the planet. 

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