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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:2007

Birzman is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of bike equipment. The current catalogue contains a wide range of tools, pumps, on-bike bags, toolboxes, and ancillary equipment for mechanics and shops. Birzman gear is available from shops and distributors world wide.

Founded in 2007 by Lawrence Kuo, Birzman has been making top-quality bike maintenance tools from the beginning. Recognition of the company's production quality has steadily spread throughout the industry; among its converts are pro teams One Pro,, and Lampre-Merida. Today Birzman produces an exceptional line of tools, from the elegant M-Torque multi-tool for the on-bike kit to axle vises for pro shops.

Tools are the company's prime mover. Individual pieces, from general-use combination wrenches to specialty tools for Shimano bottom brackets, are complemented by rolling toolboxes and a low-key bottle cage-fit tool carrier, perfect for trips away from civilization; two kits are also offered, the Travel equipped with twenty of Birzman's hand tools, and the Studio populated with a comprehensive thirty-seven.

Accompanying the tool selection are ancillary shop items, from a magnetic bowl for small parts to a bench-top t-bar stand. Rolling and stationary tool storage, both with substantial construction, offer a good home for your wrenches. Swag spans from branded bottle cages and beanies to an actually practical shop apron.

Bags are many and varied, sure to fit just about any rider's bike and needs, from a minimalist just big enough for a spare and a CO2 cartridge to a full wedge that will hold your wilderness bike repair kit and a lunch, with top tube bags ready to hold a smartphone. Bags are offered from road-light to MTB-tough, with ingenious strapping mechanisms keeping your stuff where it belongs.

Second only to Birzman's hand tools is its pump collection. Frame and floor pumps, mini pumps, shock pumps, each one is a useful work of art in polished aluminum, tough, reliable, and durable. Everything but the mini-pumps include a precise gauge. CO2 cartridge breakers are offered with the polished finish or a more practical, if less elegant, neoprene.

Birzman makes top-notch tools, pumps, and more. Stop by your local high-end tool vendor or bike shop and see their gorgeous, practical products first hand.

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