Bellwether Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1972

Real clothes for the real world. For you, riding is a way of life. It goes beyond recreation. All year you’re out there braving the elements. You take your sport seriously. We get it—and we design our gear with you in mind. Since 1972 we’ve relied on grass-roots teams, hard-core mountain bikers and pros to help us design apparel that will hold up anywhere in any weather. This past fall, 10 Degrees Latitude tested our AquaNo jackets during their Scotland expedition facing intense wind and rain while averaging 100 miles a day. Our jackets passed the test. No problem. For over 30 years our mission has remained the same—to develop high performance, affordable, technical apparel for riders just like you. We expect our athletes to ride hard. They pump their own tires. Pack their own energy. Plan their own ride. Essentials make the difference. What they eat. What they wear. Our clothing wicks moisture from within. They keep the rain out, breath and repel a headwind at the same time. They support muscles and improve endurance. Quality and performance matter to our athletes and our clothing reflects that. Moisture management, warmth, comfort and durability is designed into every item. For over 30 years our mission remains the same — develop high performance, affordable, technical apparel.

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