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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2003

Banjo Brothers is a U.S.-based manufacturer of bike bags, from saddlebags and protective wallets to messenger bags and full touring panniers. The company also offers replacement parts and surprisingly practical swag, from a shop apron to a map holder. Banjo Brothers products are available from local shops throughout North America or online from the company's website and shippable anywhere in the world.

Started in 2003, the two founders were inspired by the dearth of available options at their local shop. The company has taken this to heart; today's catalog has a tremendous number of options in style, size, attachment point, material, expandability, and more. While all items are available directly from the site, Banjo Brothers are big supporters of the local shop, with an encouraging 'buy local' shop finder on every product page.

Seat bags range from a tiny bag suitable for a flat fix kit to a huge bag big enough to carry a full day-tripper's gear, with a top loop to strap on even more. Frame bags are designed to fit a wide range of frames, with sloping top tubes, small interiors and big diameters. Handlebar bags include the traditional out-front, bar top bags, top tube bags, and waterproof phone holders.

For larger carrying capacities, the company offers backpacks, rack-top bags, messenger bags, and a number of pannier options, from durable, heavy-duty roll-close convertibles to one-piece touring pairs, and a number of shopping carriers, open-topped and sized right for grocery trips.

All the nylon bags are waterproof; a number of water resistant canvas bags are also offered, very stylish and quite capable for those who won't be spending the whole day out in the rain.

Banjo may not take themselves too seriously, as evinced by their casual start - "if it doesn't work, we'll just have to get real jobs again" and periodic website nonsense, but they do take their products seriously, with solid construction, quality materials, and good workmanship. Stop by your local dealer and see what they have for your toting needs.

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